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Zhejiang TITAN Design& Engineering CO., Ltd used to be Zhejiang Petrochemical Engineering Design Institute, was founded in 1958. In 2002.

Zhejiang TITAN Design & Engineering Co., Ltd, used to be Zhejiang Petrochemical Engineering Design Institute, was founded in 1958. In 2002, it is converted into a high technology-based enterprise focusing on engineering design consulting as well as EPC. 

The company has more than 600 staffs, with professional and technical personnel accounting for more than 95%. There are more than 240 professor engineers / senior engineers, and more than 400 national registered engineers. It has seventeen specializations, including process, pipeline, equipment, civil engineering, instrument and electronics, digital intelligence, utilities, project management, project procurement, project cost, and construction management.

TITAN has Grade A Certificate of Chemical, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Industry, Grade A Certificate of Light Textile Industry (Food Fermentation and Tobacco Project), Grade A Certificate of Construction Industry (Construction Project). It also has Grade B Certificate of Commercial, Material and Grain Industry, Grade B Certificate of Municipal Industry (Drainage Engineering, Urban Gas Engineering, Thermal Engineering and Environmental Sanitation Engineering), Grade B Certificate of Environmental Engineering (Water Pollution Prevention Engineering), Grade B of Light Textile Industry (Chemical Fiber Engineering), Special Design Service Capacity and EPC Service Evaluation Certificate of Environmental Pollution Prevention and Control in Zhejiang Province (Grade A of Water Pollution Control as well as Solid Waste Treatment and Disposal), Grade A Certificate of Chemical, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering Consulting, Grade B Certificate of Construction Engineering Consulting and many other engineering design, engineering consulting and EPC qualifications. In addition, TITAN also has A1, A2 and A3 Certificate of Pressure Vessel Design; GA2, GB, GC and GCD Certificate of Pressure Pipelines Design. The business of TITAN has been covering many industries such as chemical industry, petrochemical, medicine, storage and transportation, logistics, light industry, gas, environmental engineering, industry and civil construction. The projects cover 31 provinces and districts in China and 18 other countries such as the United States, Germany, France and Japan.

TITAN has developed more than 60 years since its establishment, which makes it has obviously professional advantages and market position in domestic chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, logistics, storage and transportation and other business fields. Moreover, its model of business has also extended from engineering design to the whole process service of engineering construction. While steadily developing the design consulting business, it has also actively carried out EPC and project management business, as well as expanded technology integration and factory operation services. It strives to reach the achievement that becomes a service provider in the whole life cycle of engineering products. 

Over the past several decades, TITAN has been committed to create the engineering products which has features of high science and technology, safety and environmental protection, high-quality and efficiency, as well as honest and thoughtful services. For these reasons, it has more and more customers over the country and the international market. TITAN has won 1 country Silver Award, 1 Gold Award of the National Torch High Tech Products Fair, 4 Zhejiang Province Science and Technology progress awards, more than 100 industry and provincial excellent engineering design awards, 131 effective patents and 16 proprietary technologies and software copyrights. At present, it is awarded as "national high-tech enterprise", "provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center", "the first batch of pilot enterprises of general contracting in Zhejiang Province", "Top 10 key industrial enterprises in Hangzhou" and "the first batch of headquarters enterprises in Hangzhou". Furthermore, it has won the titles of "national excellent company of energy conservation and emission reduction", "innovative excellent enterprise in China's survey and design industry", "excellent enterprise in China's petroleum and chemical survey and design industry", "demonstration enterprise of technological innovation in China's petroleum and chemical survey and design industry", "excellent enterprise in Zhejiang survey and design industry", "integrity company in Zhejiang survey and design industry", and so on. It has successfully and continuously ranked among the top 100 national engineering project management enterprises , and participated in the compilation of 18 national standards and industry-level specifications. The comprehensive strength of TITAN has successively ranked among the top enterprises in the similar industry and scale in China.

TITAN holds the adherence and value concept of "in science, we trust" , as well as the enterprise development concept of "advance, efficiency and innovation". At present, TITAN focuses on the development of its main business, comprehensively covers the construction of digital intelligence, optimizes the professional technical team, steadily improves the intelligent technology and digital delivery technology, and creates the digital core competence with brand characteristics, which makes it enhance, expand and develop with high quality.