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Engineering Procurement Construction

  • China Smart Logistic Network ZheJiang JinYi EPC Project

  • Changjiang Automobile Co., Ltd. EPCM Project

  • Zhejiang Xinan Momentive Organic Silicon limited liability corporation 100,000t/a methylchlorosilane single unit EPCM project

  • SHANXI BAOSTEEL GAS CO., LTD. 1,500,000t/a carbinol project matched project-84000Nm3/Hr air separation equipment

  • Zhejiang Lantian Environmental Protection Fluorine Material Co.,Ltd. PVF EPC Project

  • Sinochem Lantian Honeywell New Materials Co., Ltd. HFC-245FA EPC Project

  • Zhejiang Research Institute of Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. CFC-113a Device EPC Project

  • Linde Chemical and Pharmaceutical (ChongQing) Gas Co., Ltd. HyCO device EPC Project

  • MCP Shangyu Co., Ltd.EPC Project